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Columbia Utilities’ Referral Incentive

Refer a friend! Refer your family! Spread the word!

And you never thought you would be happy to receive your utility bill every month.

Would you like to reduce your supply charges (excluding delivery charges which are charged by your utility, taxes and other fees) (“Supply Charges”) for Columbia Utilities electricity or natural gas services (each, an “Eligible Service”) to as little as zero dollars? By earning Referral Credits through our Referral Incentive, you can!

Please scroll down for complete terms and conditions

The chart below illustrates how the Referral Credits add up for each Eligible Service you have an active Account for.

Terms and Conditions

The way in which our Referral Incentive works is described below in question and answer format for ease of reading. Those questions and answers constitute the terms and conditions specifically governing the Referral Incentive and your participation in it (the “Referral Incentive Terms”).

By participating in the Referral Incentive using any Columbia Utilities electricity or natural gas account (each, an “Account”) of yours, you agree to these Referral Incentive Terms with respect to such Account.

1. What is a Referral Credit?

2. Am I eligible to earn Referral Credits?

3. How do I participate in the Referral Incentive?

4. How do I earn Referral Credits?

5. What is a Qualifying Account?

6. Which of my Accounts will each Referral Credit be applied to?

7. Is there a limit to how many Referral Credits you can earn? How much are Referral Credits worth?

8. If I have more Referral Credits for an Account than can be applied in a given billing cycle, can I ''carry over,'' transfer or otherwise utilize those extra Referral Credits for another billing cycle or Account?

9. How is my Referral Credit processed?

10. How will Referral Credits be reflected on my bills?

11. What happens if a customer I referred opens a Referred Account for one Eligible Service first and then later opens a Referred Account for another Eligible Service?

12. What Happens if a Qualifying Account is closed?

13. Can Referral Credits be lost or forfeited for any reason other than as described in #12 above?

14. What happens if a person has an account for an Eligible Service that is closed, and I later refer that person and that person opens a new Referred Account for the same Eligible Service that qualifies as a Qualifying Account? Do I get a Referral Credit for that Qualifying Account?

15. If I open a new Account for an Eligible Service, or someone else opens a new Referred Account for an Eligible Service for the same service address as one of my Accounts, can that new Account qualify as a Qualifying Account?

16. Does a person I refer have to be in the same state as me in order for Qualifying Accounts opened by that person to generate Referral Credits for me?

17. Can the Referral Incentive be terminated or can these Referral Incentive Terms be changed?

18. Are there any restrictions on what I can say or do in connection with the Referral Incentive?

19. How will Columbia Utilities contact me regarding the Referral Incentive and Referral Credits?

20. What if I have a question, concern or dispute regarding the Referral Incentive or Referral Credits?

Last Updated: August 21, 2015


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