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Columbia Utilities provides New Yorkers with electricity and natural gas.

New York

Columbia Utilities is licensed by the New York New York Public Service Commission to provide natural gas and electricity supply services to residential and commercial customers in New York.

New York Service Territories:

  • Central Hudson: Gas and Electric
  • Consolidated Edison: Gas and Electric
  • National Fuel: Gas
  • National Grid- Niagara Mohawk: Gas and Electric
  • National Grid- LI : Gas
  • National Grid- NY : Gas
  • New York State Electric and Gas : Gas and Electric
  • Orange & Rockland : Gas and Electric
  • Rochester Gas and Electric : Gas and Electric
  • LIPA: Electric (coming soon)

We sell electricity and natural gas to:

  • Residential Buildings such as:
    • Apartment Complexes
    • Single & Multiple-family Houses
  • Commercial Buildings such as:
    • Business Offices
    • Restaurants, Retail centers
    • Warehouses
    • Community buildings, Schools, Hospitals

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